A lady in a shop asked me if I was ‘ok with onion’ as she was made my salad sandwich.

‘Yes.’ I replied wondering why she didn’t check in with all the other things on the bread.

When I got outside I found a park bench, opened the packet and found that the sandwich hadn’t been cleanly cut in…

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This is a work in progress and part of some material I’m working on for a new release.

What does it need?

The trials we endure shape who we are
I forget who said this

Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.

Hibernation Stage Two: dreamsurfing :: gnifrusmaed :owT egatS noitanrebiH

Brand New Album By The Peach Tree

The latest Peach Tree album, entitled “Inverted Fall Into Delusional Rockstar Dementia” can be found for FREE at:

And can be bit-torrented legally:

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There’s no denying that Angus Maiden has delusions of grandeur. The Melbourne producer’s music, with its shifting genres, complex ideas and non-radio-friendly sound, has invited both critical acclaim and harsh dismissal in droves. Working under the alias “The Peach Tree”, Angus works on a conceptual album basis, threading together different streams of thought into lyrically cohesive yet stylistically disparate works.

With a fair following on the net gained through almost 20 EP and LP releases, its no surprise that the attention has gone to Angus’ head, leaving him to think his place in the universe is more important than it actually is.

In reflection of this, his latest album is titled “Inverted Fall Into Delusional Rockstar Dementia”. The album is a morass of sentimental poetry and twitchy songwriting that deals with the idea of being an internet celebrity in only the author’s eyes, whilst often a joke in others’.

Delusions abound in Angus’ psyche, and the idea that his music is somehow a landmark in history is one of them.

The words “rockstar” or “star” appear many times on this album, yet ironically it’s a more humble effort than some of his previous works. By recognising the delusion and addressing it through the very medium that is its cause, The Peach Tree’s latest album appeals to those who are constantly searching for more, constantly reaching higher: artists and listeners alike.

Distorted guitars, sweet melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, an off-kilter voice, sexy basslines, layers of electronically-tinged atmospheres, carefully programmed drums, and a coy sense of humour to wrap it up in all play a part in this 9-track journey.

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